How to Sell Salon Products


If you work in a salon setting or you’ll be opening your own salon soon, you’ll need to learn all you can about retail. Selling products at your salon assists clients in recreating the styles you’ve given them and could motivate them to continue visiting your facility to keep their hair healthy and strong. Salon products are so essential that it should pay a significant portion of your salon rental, if not most of it. If the salon products work well and your clients use word-of-mouth marketing to tell other people about your salon, you increase your chances of job security.

How to Sell Salon Products

In order to sell retail at your salon, be sure that you use the same salon products you’re selling on your client’s hair when they are in your chair. Make sure that you engage the client while providing styling services. Also, make sure you explain the benefits of using the products when it comes to holding the hair in place, adding shine and conditioning and getting rid of fizziness. Once your clients see the results, they’ll likely want to purchase the products you’re selling.

Be an Educator, Not a Salesperson

Don’t make your clients feel as though you’re constantly trying to sell them a product or styling tool every time they sit in your chair. Instead, educate them about the products and tools you’re using and openly answer any of their questions when you’re combing, washing, blow drying or applying special treatments to the hair. Explain the role that each product plays in achieving healthy, shiny hair so that customers will become more interested in using the products at 乐乐棋牌 to get similar results in between appointments. The more you try to push a product, the more customers may become wary of it and get the impression that you’re only looking to make money.

Purchase the Products You Love

No matter which brand of hair products you decide to sell in your salon, make sure you believe in what you’re promoting. You’ll also need to back the product up by letting your customer know that you’ve tried the product(s) yourself and/or have used them on your coworkers. Clients want to know that you’re not simply pushing a product because you get a significant portion of the sales. Ask yourself what makes you want to promote a certain brand or product. Brainstorm with your team to determine which salon product lines would be best depending on the needs of your clients. Even if the products you’re considering are offering you an incentive like business building, continuing education or financial proceeds, you should still go with products that coordinate with the vision of your salon and the needs of your customers.

It’s also a good idea to select salon products that are designed for your client’s hair so they can see how the product will improve the health of the hair in real time. During the consultation, ask your client what their main concerns are when it comes to their hair. For instance, if your client has curly hair and wants to get rid of fizziness while keeping the curls moisturized all day, recommend a specific product for this and demonstrate how it works. If you have a similar hair type, you can apply the product to your own hair and be a walking “billboard” for your salon products.

Get Familiar with the Products

Before you can successfully sell the product, you’ve got to test it out for yourself. This will give you the information and confidence to recommend the right items to customers. If you work with a salon team with various hair types, try the correct products on each employee so you can make accurate suggestions to customers. You’ll need to point out that the products in your salon are of higher quality than what clients can find in their local drug stores. This is where product demos come in handy. Customers need to know that what you’re offering is much better for their hair than anything they could purchase on their own.

If there are special ingredients in the products, be sure to share this with your clients as well. Natural ingredients and one-of-a-kind technology may appeal to a number of your clients, and if you can explain how these mechanisms work in the product, you’re more likely to foster a healthy relationship with clients and build their trust.

Don’t Forget the Consultation

Remember to ask your clients several questions before the appointment begins. For instance, ask your customers if they have specific hair concerns, and what their daily styling routine is like. Encourage customers to tell you what they like most and least about their hair, and what style they would prefer to bring out the best features of their hair.

When you create a space for clients to be open and honest with you, you’re building a positive professional reputation. This makes customers more comfortable taking advice from you and trying salon products you recommend. When a client feels at ease telling you their hair concerns, you can use the right tools, products and technology to ensure your customer is satisfied during the visit and between salon appointments. The consultation also sends the message to the customer that you’re concerned about their hair health and overall satisfaction. Clients want to know that you’re not simply using expensive or name-brand products on their hair just to boost your reputation. When you take time to figure out the needs of your customer, you’re exhibiting great customer service and increasing your chances of repeat business.

Education Is Key

If you own a salon, keep in mind that education is what motivates stylists the most. Your team won’t be motivated to sell products simply based on money. When you train and teach your stylists in modern techniques, you’ll motivate them to educate their customers as well. Stylists who are passionate about helping clients look their best will be excited to show customers the positive effects of a product.

It’s important to perform product demos often and offer continued education to your stylists each time the product line debuts a new item or ingredient. Search for quality salon brands so that you and your team can establish brand alignment that your clients will come to know and trust.

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The type of styling equipment you use is important as well when it comes to displays and demos. You want to give clients the impression that what you’re offering is among the best money can buy. Purchase quality shelves for display and make sure your signage advertising styling gels, shampoos, conditioners and moisturizing treatments are attractive and easily visible. You can also recommend styling tools like flat irons or blow dryer attachments that work well with the products so customers can achieve a salon-quality look at 乐乐棋牌.

Get Customers Involved

One of the best ways to sell your product without coming across as too pushy is to make sure your clients are involved in the process. Offer incentives for customers who try your samples and write an online review to assist you in marketing your business. Provide discounts for clients who tell others about your styling talents and products when the people they refer use your services. Some salons also use video marketing, and if you want this to be a part of your business, ask your clients if you can record their styling process featuring the products you sell. Since this is the age of social media, people like to see results in real time. This could help you reach more potential customers quickly. These strategies reiterate that you believe in what you’re selling, and you want to share the salon products with as many people as possible.

Change Your Attitude About Selling

Finally, remember that you must change the way you think about selling. A number of hair stylists want to know how they can increase their sales, but they’re apprehensive about “selling” a product or product line to clients. Most beauty professionals don’t think of themselves as salespeople, but sales don’t have to be scary or intimidating.

Remember that when you sell something, you’re simply meeting the need of a client. After all, you do this daily when people sit in your chair and depend on you to sell them a stunning hairstyle and improve the health of their hair. Since you’ve identified the needs of your clients and fulfill their need, you’ve sold something to them. Once you’re comfortable with this concept, introducing products to your customers will be much easier.

If you’re an established stylist, you’ve built a relationship with regular clients and may have even styled their children and family members. Your customers have trusted you to give them hairstyles that have marked special or significant times in their lives. Since the salon is often a place where people divulge information about their personal lives, you’ve likely learned things about clients that are private and would only be shared with a trusted friend. If you have this type of rapport with your customers, merely suggesting a product could make them more interested in buying it, since they have come to see you as skilled and credible.

These factors confirm that you’re trustworthy, and you should be confident in your position and use this knowledge to promote what you have to offer in an honest and informative way. Remember that you’re qualified to sell to your customers, and you shouldn’t be afraid to share what you have with your client base. Once your clients try the products out for themselves, they’ll be much more likely to continue visiting your salon for styling services and to purchase styling accessories and products.

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