The Many Options After Graduating as a Medical Assistant

Ready to become a medical assistant but wonder what options you have after graduating from a medical assistant program? Entry-level medical assistants can work in many different environments and work towards unique specialties. Here are some of the options you will have after graduating from a career college in medical assisting.

Environment Options for Medical Assistants

Are you interested in working in a fast-paced environment, working with people or enjoy the solitude of administrative tasks? Regardless of which option you choose you will need to be a good team player and have communication skills to communicate with colleagues, patients and physicians. There are many constants that come with being a medical assistant whether it is working with patients or doing administrative tasks, however you do have some control over the environment and role you play as a medical assistant once you graduate.

Doctor’s Office – As a medical assistant in a doctor’s office you may be responsible for assisting the doctor or you may be involved in more administrative tasks. Read the job description closely as some positions may include secretarial or front desk work. Different doctors may even have a team of medical assistants each with their own specialty. Some of the medical assistants may assist patients, some work the front desk, others on insurance billing and/or scheduling appointments.

Hospital – Love the chaos of an emergency room? Can’t get enough of the pediatric unit? As a medical assistant, you have the option of where you work in a hospital as long as 乐乐棋牌the job opportunity is available. Once you have some experience working as a medical assistant and you know better about different environments in a hospital you have the option of transitioning to the location that best fits your strengths.

Clinic – As a medical assistant in a clinic you can choose between a free clinic, a general outpatient clinic, a convenient care clinic or specialist clinic. Free clinics are usually volunteer-based and this may be a great way to get experience as a medical assistant. General outpatient clinics are usually located in rural areas and serve the community they are located. A convenient care clinic may be located in a pharmacy or supermarket offering cold and flu vaccines. The option of what clinic you choose to work at can shape the experience you ultimately have.

Specialty Options for Medical Assistants

As a medical assistant, there are many specialties to choose from depending on which type of doctor or clinic you work for.

Family Medicine – working with all members of the family and the different issues that may arise from allergies to osteoporosis. The family medicine medical assistant will assist the doctor with entire family including child and adult patients.

Holistic Health Care – if you believe in the total care of a patient than becoming a holistic health care medical assistant may be right for you. Holistic health care focuses on the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual needs of the patient. Along with traditional health care, holistic health care can involve acupuncture, chiropractic care, 乐乐棋牌opathy and naturopathy.

Ophthalmology – an ophthalmology medical assistant will work with eye doctors for the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the eyes. Some of the diseases an ophthalmology medical assistant will work with include blindness, cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. With the increase in the aging population, more ophthalmologists are employing medical assistants so they may focus on the patients.

Podiatry – The podiatry medical assistant works with the podiatrist with foot disorders including the foot, ankle and lower extremities. The medical assistant may assist in minor surgeries, collecting patient information and medication education.

Pediatrics – The pediatric medical assistant will assist pediatricians with treating children. Much of what the pediatric medical assistant will deal with are injuries and infections. If you are good with kids, becoming a pediatric medical assistant may be the career choice for you.

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