Placement Assistance

Placement Assistance

We are dedicated to the success of our college students and graduates; therefore, we provide career assistance from experienced career services personnel. The goal of Career 乐乐棋牌 is to assist all college graduates to obtain in-field or related-field employment. Career 乐乐棋牌 is available to assist college students throughout their training programs and continues to offer assistance beyond graduation. It should be understood the career services offered are not a guarantee of employment.

College students are encouraged to get an early start on career development. Career 乐乐棋牌 offers assistance with career portfolio building, resume writing, interview skill development, grooming, networking skills and effective job search training. This is accomplished through one-on-one meetings, group sessions and in-class workshops and presentations, and is facilitated using handouts, audio and/or visual teaching aids and online tools.

College students seeking employment while enrolled can take advantage of these services and obtain guidance from the Career 乐乐棋牌. However, specific in-field and related-field employment assistance typically begins towards the end of students’ academic training when the knowledge, skills and/or school certifications and licenses necessary for in-field job placement have been obtained.

In order to facilitate employment efforts, Career 乐乐棋牌 works closely with the employment community that may offer in-field or related-field employment opportunities to qualified college graduates. This is accomplished by maintaining active involvement in the school’s community, holding on-campus career fairs, scheduling on-campus graduate interviews, hosting guest lectures, scheduling opportunities for college students and graduates to interact with potential employers, and conducting routine visits to new and established employment partners. College students and graduates are encouraged to maintain consistent communication with Career 乐乐棋牌 so as not to miss out on opportunities to network with potential employers.

Some programs require college students to complete a school externship or clinical requirements at an off-site facility prior to program completion. This is an excellent way for college students to develop their new skills through hands-on, in-field training experiences and to network with potential employers. In some instances, college students who successfully complete off-site training requirements are made offers of employment or are referred by site supervisors to other potential employers. Site assignment is not a guarantee of employment, and graduates who have not been hired at their sites will receive employment assistance as outlined above.