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Sarah Behmer – Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Dear Current Meridian Students,

I enjoyed my time at Meridian College. I really liked the atmosphere of the school. The teachers I had were extremely nice and very professional. The course I chose and the classes that went along with it met my expectations. I know that if I need continuing education for my career, I can return to Meridian.

The classes I took where all very informative and very challenging. I enjoyed the teachers’ humor in the classroom because it made the class time go by faster. I loved going to school because I made many new friends and I gained a better understanding of the career choice that I made.

When I started my externship at Medfin Billing 乐乐棋牌, I felt confident in what I was taught. I enjoyed my externship because the people I got to work with. I learned a lot during my externship and I worked hard. I gained a better knowledge of the different insurance companies and the different claims forms. I loved the externship because I was challenged with new things on a daily basis and it helped me grow in my career choice.

I am now currently employed at Medfin Billing 乐乐棋牌 and I love it. I believe I was hired because I paid attention and I worked hard. I like working underneath the management here because they care about their employees.

Thanks for reading my letter and good luck with your career choices. Remember to work hard for what you want and in the end you will be rewarded.”

Sincerely, Sarah Behmer

Raiza J. McClellan – Medical Assisting

I Achieved a Life Changing Career Thanks to Meridian.

Everyone knows immigrants do not have an easy start, and I was no exception.

Even though I have a college degree from my country, I couldn’t find the job I wanted, so I felt like I was stuck going nowhere. While searching on the internet, I found the Meridian website and requested information. Someone contacted me right away. I had a really good experience with Meridian, and excellent teachers who guided me through my studies. The institute helped me find an externship and my life changed. Now I am working for a good company doing what I wanted to do.

Going to Meridian was a small step for a big change.”

Thanks, Raiza J.McClellan–Perez

Vanessa Salazar – Medical Assisting

Dear Meridian,

After struggling a year without income and minimum wage jobs, I decide to go back to school. I’m a very picky person so I had to do a lot of research, after two weeks of searching through schools in the area; Meridian was the one for me.

My great interest in Meridian was mainly based on the classes and externship. The classes were small and very student centered, professors were very knowledgeable, always willing to help and would not move forward unless every student was on the same page. Administration was wonderful, always up to date with the students and concerned with any problems a student had. The best thing of all, the externship, a great opportunity to get a feel for the job of your dreams; a chance to gain even more experience, prove yourself and finalize you goals.

I cannot say enough superb things about Meridian because they made it so easy for me to go back to school. I give great thanks to Meridian for their dedication and attention to the whole student body.

Sincerely, Vanessa Salazar

Clemesha Stephens – Medical Insurance Billing and Coding

Dear Meridian,

This is a journey I started a year ago. I have been to other schools, but I chose Meridian because they had day and evening classes that would accommodate my life schedule as I am a single parent to a six year old.

After I completed my course work in the Medical Billing and Coding program, I got an excellent externship set up by the school. Once my externship was finished, the company hired me. I just put my best foot forward and did not look back. Not only did my future depend on my success, my daughters did as well.”

Clemesha Stephens