What are the Benefits of a Facial: A Cosmetologist’s Guide


Your face is typically the first thing people see when they meet you. It is the way you make a first physical impression and is also what you use to express yourself and communicate. Your face is also something that you must look at every day. Taking care of the face you see in the mirror is important. It is important on a physical level, and it is also important on a mental level, as well.

Kinds of Facials You Can Choose From

Before we dive into the many benefits of facials and facial treatments, you first need to know the different types and options you have to choose from. There are different levels of intensity based on your age and the type of skin you have. Factors like your lifestyle and schedule can also playa part in what kind of facial is right for you. Let’s take a look at some of the different ways you can keep your face looking and feeling the way you want it to.

Spa/Salon Facials

Going to the spa to get a facial from a professionally trained cosmetologist is a great way to guarantee that no part of your fabulous face goes without attention. Specially formulated blends of ingredients are used to help hydrate and repair your skin in an atmosphere that is luxurious and relaxing. Various steams, wraps, and masks can help you look more radiant and youthful while keeping your face in a healthy condition. Every salon/spa will offer different products and services, and the pricing will vary. So be sure and look at all the options in your area. Talk to your facial cosmetologist about any issues you may be having, such as blemishes or scarring, that you would like to have addressed during your appointment. They will give you an accurate assessment of what your options are and what to expect from your appointment.

Intensified Skin Treatments and Procedures

Facial skin treatments are the most intense options for cosmetic facial care. Treatments include microdermabrasion, injections, chemical peels, thermal treatments, and laser hair removal. Usually special equipment is involved, and more than one visit may be necessary to complete the procedure. These options require precision, focus, and the proper training to safely complete. So, it is imperative that you see a licensed professional cosmetologist if you are considering these options to avoid undergoing treatments or procedures that are harmful or ineffective.

At-乐乐棋牌 Options

If you have relatively healthy skin and don’t have a lot of time, treating yourself to a facial at 乐乐棋牌 might be a good option for you. This typically involves steps such as steaming, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing that are all completed in the comfort of your own bathroom. There are many masks and products that can help elevate the at-乐乐棋牌 experience. However, with this option you miss the escape of the spa experience. If you think at-乐乐棋牌 facial options might be the right choice for you, then you should take some time to consult a skincare professional, such as a makeup artist or esthetician, for suggestions and tips. A skilled professional can give you informed recommendations, help you steer clear of harmful products with harsh chemicals, and keep you from forming habits that could be damaging to your skin in the long run.

Personal Perks of Getting a Facial

There are more reasons to treat yourself to a facial than just the physical ones. Facials can help you feel better on the inside while helping you improve your outside appearance. Here are some of the personal reasons you will want to consider taking time out of your demanding life for a little “face time”.


The atmosphere of most spas and salons that offer skin treatments is one of calm tranquility. Getting a professional facial is a great way to unwind and take a brief break from the business of your life and focus on relaxing. Elements such as music and aromatherapy can help deepen this feeling of relaxation by immersing you in comfort. If you have something specific in mind that you want during your face treatment experience you can call ahead to the spa or speak with your cosmetologist before your appointment to see what your options are and what to expect.


Indulging in a facial is a great way to prioritize yourself. So many times, we prioritize other people in our lives and put ourselves and our own needs on the back burner. Self-prioritization is important for refueling and reenergizing yourself so that you can continue to take care of business. Face treatments can give you a way to recenter yourself physically and mentally in a setting that is removed from all the things that could interfere with your “you” time. This little bit of space from your stress can make all the difference. You are worth taking time out for. Taking time out of your schedule to focus on yourself can help you value yourself and find that relaxation you’ve been looking for.

Boosted Mood

Taking the time to invest in your visage can help you feel better about more than just the cosmetic effects of your facial. When you look the way you want it is easier to feel good about yourself, and in turn is easier to be good to the other people around you. Likewise, when you don’t like the way you look it can be easy to avoid people or be extra sensitive. Facials are a great way to boost your mood and take care of your appearance at the same time.

Elevated Confidence

Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. Now more than ever we are seeing many skin types and tones being celebrated. However, there are times in all of our lives that we look in the mirror and become disappointed or frustrated with an aspect of our face. It might be an acne issue or an uneven skin tone problem. These frustrations and disappointments don’t make us failures in self-acceptance, they make us human beings who have different preferences about how we want to look. Getting a professional facial from a certified skin cosmetologist can help you regain confidence by helping to correct the problems that make you unhappy. These corrections are typically made using various products, processes, or specific tools and equipment and can take more than one appointment.

Benefits to Your Skin Health

The health of your skin is exceptionally important to the overall health of your body. Feeling comfortable with your appearance is important, but there is more to face treatments and procedures than simply looking good. Getting a facial can have actual physical benefits that make your skin stronger and more resilient against contamination. Here are some of the health benefits a facial can offer.

Benefit #1: Improved Circulation

Facials involve elements such as heat and massage. Heat is used to open up the pores in your skin while the massage aspect helps ease tension in the face. These two aspects are not only cosmetically useful, they are also particularly good for increasing blood flow to the face. Better circulation helps to provide you with a more youthful, glowing complexion. It also helps keep skin healthy and strong. The stronger the blood flow to your face, the easier it is to quickly repair any damage or weathering that might naturally occur.

Benefit #2: Detoxification of Your Skin

Exfoliation and cleansing are components of many different face treatments that clear away toxins and dirt build up in your pores. Many of the at-乐乐棋牌 options help clean off the surface of your skin but fail to remove the toxins and contaminants that make their way below the surface.

Many of these toxins can cause damage to your skin and clog your pores with germs and bacteria that can create blemishes and facilitate skin infections. Professional spa facials are a good way to get a deep clean to be as healthy as it can possibly be.

Benefit #3: Strong, Healthy Barrier Against Illnesses

In our efforts to look the way we want it can be easy to forget that our skin is an important organ that helps protect us and keep us safe. It is our first defense against disease and illness. While it is important for you to make sure your skin is being taken care of, this also includes the skin on your face. Your face is an exposed area that comes into contact with many different contaminants and surfaces throughout the day. Keeping your face healthy can help keep your whole body healthy, so it is important that you invest in it properly.

Benefit #4: Improved Appearance

You care about your skin and face health, but chances are there is a cosmetic component to why you are thinking about getting a facial. Keeping your face looking the way you want is an important part of feeling happy and content in your own skin, which is key to maintaining your mental balance.

Benefit #5: Increase in Firmness

Sagging or loose skin can be a result of sun damage, age, and even the prolonged use of certain harsh products. This can also be the product of bad habits and lifestyle choices. Smoke exposure, diet, and environmental contaminants also play a role in the appearance of the skin. Regularly scheduled facials can help you maintain your youthful firmness by increasing your collagen and clearing the skin of damaging filth build-up that happens during the normal course of life. Your facial technician can give you suggestions about personal changes you might need to make to keep your skin firm and beautiful.

Benefit #6: Decrease in Wrinkles and Fine Lines

As we age our skin naturally begins to wrinkle. This happens at different rates for different people, but eventually it happens to all of us. It might begin with you noticing deepening laugh lines or crow’s feet around the corners of your eyes. You may notice forehead lines appearing from all the stress you keep in your brow. When those fine lines and wrinkles begin to make their appearance, it can be upsetting. However, there are plenty of options to help you reduce the lines that indicate aging. It should be noted that the sooner you seek professional help the better the results are likely to be.

Benefit #7: A More Even, Glowing Skin Complexion

Skin tone consideration is a big part of why people seek cosmetic skin treatments. Blotchy textures, age spots, and uneven coloration can leave you feeling vulnerable and embarrassed. Facials can help give your face a more uniform look that is both smooth and luminescent. If you are someone who struggles with complexion issues, a facial treatment may just be the answer to your complexion problems.

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